20 WordPress Plugins Every Blogger Needs to Increase Engagement



A must have plugin for all self-hosted WordPress blogs (check out this blog post if you haven’t upgraded already) as Jetpack allows you to link up your wpadmin interface with wordpress.com. It also has a lot of additional features like automatic sharing on social media and analytics.

This plugin filters out all the spam comment you will get. It saves you an insane amount of time. Even if currently you aren’t getting a lot of comments, you will still start seeing spam comments, and Askimet seamlessly filters them out for you.

Backup Breeze 
Have you read those horror stories about people’s blogs being deleted by hackers? Yeah, me too. Get Backup Breeze, that way all the content on your blog (literally EVERYTHING) is backed-up.

SEO Breeze
There is no easier way to get your blog ranking higher on search engines, than with this easy to use plugin, with a long list of features that makes it so helpful.

Click to Tweet
For easily shareable content, add this ‘click to tweet’ plugin so that users can share your amazing quotes at the drop of a single button.

Yoast SEO
This is by far the most popular SEO plugin there is. It’s interface is so easy to use, you just follow the instructions on every blog post your write and there you have it, a better understanding of SEO.

For all your social sharing needs. For every blog it’s vital that you have share buttons that are right in front of your audience, with Mashshare you can. If you are interested in a paid subscription to the service, check out their list of pricing’s here.

Pinterest Pin it Button
So that your audience is immediately thought to pin your images to their boards. It is the quickest way to get shares on Pinterest.

Grid Effects
Is a customizable plugin that allows you to create gallery images without having to learn any code, while also having a flexible amount of variations in the size of your grids.

Social Warfare
Share buttons at the bottom of all your blog posts, so that your audience can share your content across all social media platforms.

Instagram Feed
So that your feed is there for your audience to see your content and know it’s god. Need tips on how to grow your Instagram following? Read this blog post.

Google Analytics Dashboard for WP
So that you can have your Google Analytics stats with you even on your WordPress dashboard, so that you can get a real-time, second by second, update on your website.

WP Smush
This compresses all of your photos so that your website loads faster. Note: the quality of your photograph will remain the same.

Pretty Link
For anyone using affiliate links, this is a way to ensure that your links are clean and neat. It also tracks the links and gives a report of how your links are performing. 

Ultimate Nofollow
It turns links into a no-follow link so you are less likely to get penalised by search engines for the use of such links.

Recent Posts Widget With Thumbnails
You have probably seen this plugin on a multitude of websites by now. It lets you have links in your side bar or at the bottom of your page, displaying other posts that your audience may be interested in.

If you are selling any products through your website, then you need this plugin. There is nothing more to say on it other than the fact that it lets you ship anywhere and allows you to sell anything.

Pop Up Alley
Do you want to grow your email list? Pop Up Alley (premium plugin, but it’s so important I had to mention it) have everything you need.

Google XML Sitemaps 
Search engines will be able to index your sites with ease, when you have this plugin that let’s you create unique XML sitemaps.

WP SuperCache 
This creates static HTML files and will track all users no matter how they interact with your blog.

  1. Aug 13, 2017 7:43 pm

    I dont really use plugins because 1).I dont really get them and 2) there are so many out there that I dont know what ones there are and what they do. THIS HELPED ME ALOT! THANKS FOR SHARING!

    Sophia xo

    • Sep 29, 2017 5:24 pm

      @Sophia Tranter

      Hey Sophia! I’m glad this article helped you 🙂 Plugins are actually super simple to implement, so I’m happy this helped you out. x

  2. Oct 1, 2017 5:37 pm

    These are some great tips, thank you!

  3. Oct 16, 2017 7:26 pm

    Great article! Have discover some plugin.

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