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Working with Sumayra was an incredibly easy and joyful experience! She is thorough about knowing everything about you and quick to respond to messages and requests. I highly recommend using her services!
Stephanie Hibbert


Are you tired of writing articles and then hearing birds chirp?

Do you want to get real results with your blog posts?

What if I told you, I could write blog posts that will not only increase your traffic…

But will also lead to more sales in your business?

Hire me and I’ll do all the leg work for you so you can spend more time on the things in your business that matter most to you.

So you can spend more time travelling, spending time with family, relaxing and doing all the things that you love.

I provide content marketing services that leave your customers coming back for more. 

I write SEO-based articles on marketing (social media marketing, email marketing, SEO, WordPress, etc).

Hire me using the contact form below and I will be a gamechanger for your brand.

Previous Work:

The Hidden Truth About Detox Teas that Marketers Don’t Want You to Know – Verily Mag

The 8 Most Amazing, Sustainable Restaurants in the World – Matador Network

12 Things You Might Not Know About Grace Jones – Mental Floss

Interview with Fashion Photographer Melodie Jeng 


Are you tired of the push and pull of social media?

One day you’re gaining followers and the next you’re losing them all?

I have a mind blowing fact: social media followers has little to do with making sales in your business. 

What you really want is a community of loyal customers ready to buy what you’re selling without hesitation. 

When managing your Pinterest and/or Instagram account I have one thought process in mind: How am I going to get your brand long-term and loyal customers?

This is the process I follow and it works like a charm: 



Before I even start managing your accounts I have a look at your social media channel and gather all the information I need about where improvements can be made. 


I create your Pinterest marketing strategy. A plan of what I need to do so that your engagement rate (the number of likes, comments, repins) increase and makes a lasting change in your business. It’ll change your business forever with a steady stream of customers and clients even after our work together is done. 


If we're working on Pinterest, I will optimise your page and pins for SEO so that they turn up in the smart feed for your target audience.


I create pin graphics and/or quote graphics that are so popular on social media they will bring you a stream of people interested in your brand...


Which leads to community. A group of people that want to buy whatever you're selling and are interested in what you have to say.


Automation works, but so does manual work. I will manually like, comment, and do the work that is required to increase sales in your business.


If you’re looking to collaborate or want to hire me as a freelance (and for all other queries you may have) please use the form below. If possible, please include rates. If not, we can still have a chat about what you’re looking for and whether I’m the writer for you.

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